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Our e-design services are fully virtual and are ideal for clients who are looking for an efficient and affordable way to transform smaller areas in their home. This is a consultation based service for those who are happy to tackle the planning and procurement on their own, but are looking for some ideas and guidance. After an in-depth phone consultation, we will work off of site measurements, photos and notes provided by the client in order to create a unique design for your space including layouts, selections for finishes, furniture and accessories that fit your budget, and a shopping list for you to make the purchases on your own.

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Large Spaces

Includes 11-15 items including but not limited to: paint, wall treatments, lighting, furniture, art, accessories


Living Room, Dining Room, Primary Bedroom, Outdoor Living Area

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Medium Spaces

Includes up to 10  items including but not limited to: paint, wall treatments, lighting, furniture, art, accessories


Bedroom, Entry, Office, Playroom


Small Spaces

Includes up to 8 items including but not limited to: paint, tile, lighting, furniture, art, plumbing fixtures


Laundry Room, Mudroom, Craft Room, Kitchen Update, Bathroom Update

The E-Design Process...

Complete Questionnaire


To begin the process, fill out the E-Design Questionnaire. This will help us gather information about your style preferences, budget, and type of room. Once you submit the questionnaire, we will contact you to schedule a 30-60 minute consultation call.




We will start out with an in depth phone consultation were we will discuss your project goals in detail to make sure we are on the same page. We establish important factors such as budget, and what existing pieces you have to work with. In preparation for this meeting, we ask that you provide measurements and photos of your existing space, as well as 2-5 inspiration images.


Payment Due


Once you have provided all the information required, we will collect payment to begin. Design service fees for E-Design are required up front before we can commence any design work.


Design Development 


At this phase, we examine every aspect of your project and present you with our selections for achieving your design goals within the determined parameters. More specifically, we develop the style concept, floorplans (where applicable), and curate selections of finishes, fixtures, and furniture. All of these elements will be delivered to you in a PDF Design Package, and a curated shopping list for all selections. 




Our E-Design Package includes two rounds of revisions. After reviewing your design package, you may submit a request via email for revisions based on any notes that you provide. 


You are good to go!


After any revisions are completed, you can now begin the process of purchasing and installing on your own time!


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