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About Us

Studio Molina Interior Design is a full-service residential and commercial design firm that can assist clients with anything from selecting details and finishes, accessories and furnishings, collaborating with architects and builders, and creating custom designs that fit your needs.

Here at Studio Molina, we believe in designing spaces that are a direct reflection of our client's personalities, giving them a home they can be emotionally invested in for years to come. 

To request a design consultation contact us here!


Our Story


Studio Molina Interior Design, (previously Molina + Warford Interior Design), was started by myself; Harmony Molina, and my good friend Aliyah Warford. We met at WSU through our Interior Design program where we pretty much did every project that required a partner, together. We both shared the same hopes and dreams for what we saw in our futures and that bonded us through the tough four years of getting our design degrees.


Flash forward and we have been there for each other through the last 7+ years of each others milestones: traveling the world together, fostering our love for design, getting married to our partners, moving all over, buying homes, and juggling our careers. All the while trying to convince each other that one day we will have our own business together.


In 2020 we were finally ready to pursue something more that would allow us to work for ourselves and build our own dreams. So with careful planning and lots of coffee we got to work! We spent the year in full on planning mode. We are both over-thinkers and over planners (which explained our career choice & our easy partnership), so everything had to be perfect before we could transition. By the start of 2021 we were both itching to start taking on more clients and start growing our business, and the universe seemed to hear us loud and clear because we now have incredible clients that are not only helping us grow faster than we ever imagined, but are making the journey so much fun.

In the summer of 2022, Aliyah was presented with an amazing opportunity that she ultimately decided to go for. Thus came the change to Studio Molina! As the now sole owner of the business, I am feeling excited about the opportunities ahead and can't wait to grow with you all and help you bring life into your homes and your passion projects. 

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